Paper Sculpture

Paper Sculpture Techniques and Ideas
Your challenge is to make any sculpture using only paper, glue (or tape), and scissors. You can create a monochromatic (one color) sculpture like the one pictured above. You can also make any type of sculpture. Use the following techniques as needed as you create your Paper Sculpture. 
 1. Make a Cone by starting with a half circle. Bend the shape into a cone.

 2. Make a Cylinder. Start with a rectangle, fold a tiny bit of the bottom, make many small cuts up to the fold. Then wrap the rectangle into a cylinder and secure with glue.

 3. Make a Spiral by cutting a circular line that keeps getting smaller.

 4. Make shapes using a controlled tear.

 5. Make a ladder. Fold a piece of paper in half, cut the letter "L", open the folded paper, and then lift each flap of the ladder.
 6. Cut Fringe.

 7. Curl the fringe around a pencil, press firmly, and release.

 8. Make loops.

 9. Use scissors to make any types decorative of cuts.

 10. Connect loo…

Linear Perspective

Create the illusion of depth by drawing using linear perspective techniques. 

 1. Draw a horizon line and a vanishing point.
2. Draw a diagonal line from the bottom edge of the paper to the vanishing point. This will become one side of a road, railroad tracks, a river, or anything else you want to draw. 
3. Add another diagonal line evenly spaced from the bottom of edge of the paper to the vanishing point.

 4. If you are making a road, draw the center line. Important: I was unable to do this with the digital drawing program I was using, however you should make the line closest to the bottom of the page long, the next line a little shorter, and so on. The lines closest to the vanishing point will just be dots.

 4. Draw an ordinary shape. There is nothing 3-D about this shape yet. I am going to draw a house. You could make a house, building, railroad station, barn, cabin, skyscraper, library, school, etc.

Printmaking at Home

5 Ideas for Printmaking at Home
Printmaking Idea #1 Foil and Markers on damp paper
  1. Draw on foil with markers.

 2. Continue drawing until you fill the foil (any way you want).

 3. Wet the paper under water.

 4. Blot the wet paper with a towel or wash cloth.

5. You can also paint the paper with just water. 
 6. Lay the colored foil on to the damp paper.

 7. Gently rub the whole surface of the foil.

 8. Peel back the foil to reveal your print.

 9. I was disappointed by the areas that did not print well.

 10. I decided to add a little water to the areas that looked dry.

11. My finished print.

Printmaking Idea #2
Meat Tray and Markers on damp paper.
 1. Cut a styrofoam meat try into a size that will fit on your paper. Also, you can cut your paper to fit the size of your meat tray or section of styrofoam.

 2. Use a pencil to draw by pressing into the styrofoam.

 3. Continue drawing until your image is complete. Draw any subject.

 4. Carefully color with markers any way you want.